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Look no further! We offer you the best services in town! From testing to treatment we bring quality back to your life. We provide reliable, affordable services for your home or business. 

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problems we can fix

Skin Conditions

Dried, cracked or peeling skin?

Eczema or rosacea inflammations?  

Your tap water could be the reason for your chronic skin conditions.  

Eliminate expensive lotions and conditioners that never seem to work and get relief with the New York Water Girl! 

Bad Smell or Taste

Foul odors and metallic tastes can keep you from drinking the water your body needs to stay healthy.

Enjoy an unlimited supply of purified, tasty water right from your kitchen sink! Save a bunch on bottled water with the New York Water Girl!

Stains, Scale and Soap Scum

Tired of spending all your time scrubbing soap scum from your bathtub and the stains from your toilet? Worried about the harsh chemicals?  

Spend your time doing something you love instead with quality, clean water from the New York Water Girl!

Household Damage

Hard water can cause severe damage that often goes unnoticed yet can cost you serious money in plumbing, appliances and detergents.

15%-18% of your home investment is made up of plumbing and large, water-consuming appliances.

Fortunately protecting your home is fairly simple!  Find out how with a free water test from the New York Water Girl!

Commercial ROI

Hotel and Restaurants can improve their ROI with treated water in the longevity of their heavy duty appliances, clean linens, energy savings and clean plumbing.  

Certain industries require high purity water for their manufacturing processes.

Schedule a free consultation today for your  unique commercial and industrial water treatment needs with Tracy at the New York Water Girl!

Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Most businesses would love to provide quality hot and cold water for their employees in a convenient location.   So here's some fresh thinking for some fresh water in your office.  

Bottle-Free Water Coolers give you fresh, high quality water without the expense of delivery and lugging around all those 5 gallon jugs!  Get your Bottle-Free Water Cooler from the New York Water Girl! 

free water testing residential and commercial

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Complete testing & treatment 

  • We deliver professional water treatment services for residential and commercial spaces.
  •  We have highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff.
  • We offer in house water testing for all your residential work, so there‚Äôs no need for you to be sitting in the dark, or in a potentially hazardous water situation.
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